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How do estimated asset values work?
How do estimated asset values work?
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Determining the market value of an asset on Diversified is a comprehensive and thorough process. Estimated values come from public websites, and are never the result of a quotation by Diversified.

Bear in mind that this is an unlisted market. As a result, estimated values can fluctuate sharply upwards or downwards, depending on market events. This also explains why there is sometimes a big discrepancy between advertised values and the actual resale price.

Diversified cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions. This value in no way prejudges the resale price of the asset. This indicator should be seen as an upward or downward trend in the asset's market value.

How do we calculate estimated asset values?

To calculate the Diversified estimated price, we use historical sales prices of assets on public websites, together with a history of prices charged by sellers (this is what we call the oracle). When no historical sales data exists for an asset, we use an equivalent asset and specify it in the asset's page.

Here's how we calculate the Diversified estimated price:

Diversified estimated price at time t =

Price of the oracle at time t excluding VAT x (( 1 - estimated partner margin on resale of the asset ) x number of months elapsed to t / total number of months of the project)

+ initial VAT on the asset paid by Diversified

- Storage and insurance costs at time t

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