Is Diversified risky?
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All our assets have been selected very carefully by our partners to maximize your chances of return in the coming months. The objective is to outperform the market by choosing the assets with the most potential (target: 8 to 20%).

Even if this selection has been drastic, neither Diversified nor its partners can guarantee the future behavior of the value of these assets, nor predict the evolution of the market. Every user of Diversified is aware that a total or partial loss of his capital is unfortunately always possible.

However, a maximum of information is made available to users so that they can make their investment decisions in the most informed way possible. We therefore encourage all our clients to do their own research very carefully and to read all the documents provided before investing in an asset.

The counterpart of the high expected return of the assets listed on the Diversified application, is that they are considered as volatile investments, whose proportion in a diversified wealth should not exceed 5%.

Let's add here that the assets held by Diversified are insured in 100% of the cases, up to the market value of the assets.

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