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How can I make my savings grow with Diversified?
How can I make my savings grow with Diversified?
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Investing in Diversified means believing in an asset.

Betting that its value will rise over the next few years.

When you invest in Diversified, DIFIEDs are credited to your account.

They represent a guarantee that you will receive the net proceeds at the end of the investment period.

Nevertheless, Diversified is aware of the need of many of its customers to recover their savings before that date. That's why we've included an early redemption feature in our roadmap.

Community members will thus be able to recover their capital gains (or losses) before the end of the planned investment period.

Ultimately, there will be 2 ways to make money:

- The long-term vision (recommended by Diversified): Hold your shares for the entire investment period.

- The flexible vision: Buy, Sell, Trade.

Note: Some people will enter with a long-term vision but, for one reason or another, will have to sell their shares before the end. All strategies work together and are perfectly compatible.

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