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Diversified: why?
Diversified: why?
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The obstacles to investment in alternative assets remain the same:

- Difficulty of sourcing

- Opaque purchasing channels

- Assets too expensive

- Time-consuming storage and insurance

- Uncertain resale channels

Ultimately, the triptych: cost x time x expected return is not necessarily enough to encourage investors to invest in alternative assets.

Using a solution like Diversified means :

- Giving you access to assets you can't find

- Giving you access to unaffordable assets

- Allowing you to diversify "for real".

- expose you to counter-cyclical and historically buoyant markets

At Diversified, we believe that everyone should be able to gain free exposure to the luxury market by investing together in exceptional assets. Our mission is to democratize luxury investment. It's what has united our community since our launch.

Untraceable (or unaffordable) assets.

Our partners' job is precisely to source extremely rare pieces, of interest to investors and collectors alike, and therefore likely to appreciate in value. Their in-depth knowledge of the markets and buying channels makes them an asset not to be overlooked in any investment strategy.

Some assets are so highly valued that they are out of reach. The Diversified solution gives you access to investment in these assets from as little as €100. This means exposure to several markets, assets and investment periods. It's the diversification so sought-after by savings experts and high net worth individuals.

Diversification made easy

With an entry fee of €100, Diversified aims to appeal to as many people as possible. And to encourage its community to diversify their wealth by building up a portfolio consistent with their investor profile. Diversification is often described as the best way to mitigate risk by optimizing the risk-benefit balance as part of a responsible savings approach.

Counter-cyclical stocks & buoyant markets

Exotic and luxury assets often behave in a way that is uncorrelated with financial markets. Performance over the past few years has been impressive, often due to multifactorial factors. However, this rise in value is not solely linked to the influx of liquidity and speculative factors. The major brands themselves are organizing the scarcity of assets, in addition to regular price rises in many markets. These factors, combined with the expertise of our partners, enable us to envisage attractive returns for our community.

As a reminder, Diversified customers become holders of a financial security that guarantees 100% recovery of the property's net resale value.

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