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Diversified: is it safe?
Diversified: is it safe?
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Every effort is made to provide you with the best possible experience and the highest standards of security.

The DIFIEDs you receive are genuine, secure financial instruments.

With regard to the evolution of assets, we should mention here that, like any high-yield investment, you risk total or partial loss of capital. Nevertheless, we have made every effort to minimize your risk and maximize your potential gain. We are aware that Diversified's success is directly linked to the performance of our assets. We believe that industry experts produce the best results. That's why we work with leading investment partners such as Patriwine, CaskTrade and Cresus. They draw on decades of experience in buying and selling assets, with a track record yielding up to 20% average return per year.

When you take a stake in an asset, you are credited with an amount of DIFIEDs that are directly associated with the product financed.

Legally, you have a contractual link with Diversified PropCo s.à.r.l., which ensures that you receive the net proceeds of the sale at the end of the investment period.

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