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Diversified: how does it work?
Diversified: how does it work?
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Diversified is not simply an investment platform, but operates as an SPV capable of issuing tracking bonds. In practical terms, this means that you own a bond security, which guarantees that you will receive the net sale price at the end of the investment period. Our bond issues are registered with the relevant financial authorities (CSSF in particular).

Diversified takes care of everything to transform the asset into an "investable" financial product.

We work with partners to acquire rare collectibles at competitive lower prices. We anticipate that selected assets will increase in value over time due to the nature of their rarity, brand awareness and expressed collector interest. We work with experts in each category who have decades of experience in the proposed asset families. For example, Patriwine already manages millions of assets with outstanding returns. We believe that asset selection should be steered by professionals with a clear vision of the market, in order to reconcile passion and performance.

1. As soon as the sales cycle officially opens, you can buy shares directly by bank transfer or credit card. As soon as the sales cycle is complete, you will receive your DIFIEDs in your digital portfolio, representing a legal link (obligation) between you and Diversified.This guarantees that you will receive the net proceeds of the sale when it is completed (at the end of the investment period).

2. The asset will then be legally held by Diversified on behalf of its clients. Diversified will take care of the storage, insurance and safekeeping of the asset, so that the community can concentrate on choosing the right assets.All our assets are professionally managed and insured for 100% of their market value.

3.Diversified or its partners sell the assets within 6 months of the predefined appreciation period.The net proceeds of the sale will be distributed in full to all clients holding the securities associated with the asset.Note: You can find the documents for each asset by accessing an open investment in the Diversified application.

An e-mail summarizing this mechanism will be sent by e-mail after each subscription.

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