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Diversified: what is it?
Diversified: what is it?
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Luxury goods have been outperforming in recent years, but few of us are in a position to expose part of our assets to them, for reasons of time, expertise or simply asset depth.

Diversified is a platform that enables you to invest easily alongside a community in rare and profitable products, transformed by Diversified into financial securities!

By taking care of sourcing, storing, insuring and reselling these exceptional assets on your behalf, we break down the barriers preventing you from investing in high-growth sectors.

You'll be able to build up a diversified portfolio of assets, and track the evolution of their value via the estimates provided on the platform.

To do this, we rely on a network of partners, specialists in each of the markets we offer on the platform: Watches, Spirits, Art or Exceptional Wines. Each asset and investment period is determined with our partners to optimize the annual value of your investment. Assets must demonstrate an annual historical increase in value of between 8% and 20%.

You can invest in these assets from as little as €100. We let each item appreciate for a number of years, then sell it on the market or to our investor clients.

In our plans, a liquidity solution will enable anyone to sell their securities before the end of the appreciation period, while those who have missed a financing period will be able to invest in the asset again.

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